NEarly ALL Russian woman needing an Americdan guy is a scam for money or a ticket from Russia.

I get emails from Russian woman all of the time. They’re usually dating russian men on free date sites.

And most are extremely attractive.

And ALL live outside Moscow constantly in a small town.

So why no girls from Moscow itself?

Maybe too simple to verify if they exist?

Maybe too simple to visit because it it an actual ___ to go to Russia and very pricey.

So these girls string you along, then ask for money to pay for the translations 9they don’t speak Enlgish and don’t have any computer at home but go even though a ‘service’.

So if they are untrue, I see that Russia has one of the fastest growing number of millionairs in the world next to China. Ironic that both are commie countries or have been at one time.

So why don’t these wondrful,caring Russian ladies try to get a guy in their own country that at least lives in precisely the same state and speaks the language??

I’ve some thing to add here for let you understand why it like that.

As I know,many or most of these "russian women " from small city in Russia,who angling for money on relationship sites-it’s American or other guys from diffirent countries! It’s some kind of company for them. And of course those pic of women will be very beautiful,because it’s a some russian singer,actress,etc (I found it myself and recognise a few listeners. Some of the guys who had this company already in prison (as I know they from USA). You can try to look for articles on the internet about this.My husband found that article about month ago,however I don’t recall name of the site.

Many women in Russia like to marry american men,because we read anywhere,and TV-that american men -is much more family guys and his family is most important for him. They don’t cheat wifes because it can russian,italian,franch or chinese guys. Russian married guys think who have a lover-it’s normal.And who’s wealthy -they supposed to have one! Also they like to drink much.

I think you don’t need to be affraid to get contacts with russian girls.Only never send money to them previosly meet her and see how she live,what kind person she is,etc. (My husband came to visit me first,then he sent me money to move to another city for interwiev in american embassy and money for air tickets. . .

I’m 1/2 russian and 1/2 poland, really attractive woman and I have union with an american guy for last 9 years.

1 good thing about my ex, I have two lovely kids from him and we abandon verry happy without my ex.

If you want to know the truth about Russian relationship, I would highly suggest reading this forum under on dating and finding a Russian woman.

Russia and the Former Soviet Union countries are all becoming more wealthy with oil and commodities. Moscow is presently one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, and also the reason why most Moscovites do not go about the Russian dating sites, is for the easy fact they live a comfortable life in Moscow. They’ve no need to experience the foriegn union route.

The scams are all completed on line. My advice would be to see Russian Women Dicussion forums and learn about the pitfalls of dating Russian ladies. There are fantastic advantages and negatives.

For the most part, Russian ladies take care of these then North American ladies, and do not wear jeans and jogging pants when moving outside their residence. They tend to be more practicle due to the hardships endured in the prior Soviet era, and are well educated for the most part. It costs a lot of money to court these girls, as you have to go to their own country for visits. It can cost around $30,000 or more for this endeavour, so I hot russian women suggest you’re finacially stable before this pursuit.

Additionally, a lot of North American and European guys who seem to the former Soviet Union for brides and dating tend to become sex tourists. Don’t be one of these fools who goes out on multiple dates just for some 1 time enjoyable. It ends up ruining your reputation and you can be placed on the anti-date and scammer sites out there.

Good luck with finding your love.

Okay, I will confess it — when a buddy of mine first told me he was using a website called Dream-Marriage. Com and that I should take a look, I was just a bit leery. I’ve been burned by online dating sites before — both because the girls I believed I was talking to ended up being like their images (and sometimes not even girls!) And due to the irritating and hard to eliminate viruses and worms the sites in question put on my PC. Nevertheless, after a few months of him whined about this site, I decided I might as well check it out, and boy was I glad I did! Dream-Marriage. Com is a site that specializes in assisting men fulfill date and, if desirable, marry Russian girls. The first thing you notice when you get into the site is how well designed and easy to use it’s. Featuring dozens of articles on the dos and don’ts of this kind of relationship, an almost methodical FAQ which summarizes what they can and can’t do for the customer and an up front, easy to comprehend explanation of their pricing system, the site is incredibly easy to navigate. You can tell these people are pleased with their enterprise, because unlike other similar sitesthey put everything right up front. If this kind of dating/relationship construction isn’t for you, half an hour researching the wonderful quantity of information available free of charge will send you on your way using a feeling of no harm-no foul. If this is the kind of service you’re interested in, but these people make every attempt to make sure you make informed choices that are ideal for you. What sets this site apart, however, is that the girls — thousands of girls — located both in Russia and Ukraine. From 18 to 45 years old, the choice of girls you have the chance to meet online is virtually shocking. You are encouraged to start pursuing a potential relationship with a woman who catches your attention by exchanging emails (the site’s least expensive alternative ) and seeing where it goes from there. The probability of anybody finding their perfect fit on the first try are the same online as they are in the actual world, so this is a good, safe and affordable place to begin. If, after exchanging a few emails you’d like to pursue the relationship further, they offer you numerous different options, such as real time chat and streaming video relationship. Most of all, unlike many similar sites I’ve attempted, the girls are who they seem to be. Agents of Dream-marriage. Com have verified the identities of most of these, and also an icon indicating their identity was verified appears on their own page, accessible through the site. Evidently, this type of dating/relationship construction isn’t for everyone, but if this is the kind of item that appeals to you personally, Dream-marriage is about the best site of its kind I have found online. I recommend it highly.

I’ve read a number of the preceding posts in this thread with utter disbelief.

I would be more leery of contact initiated by a lady on a "western" website (ANY website: fit, yahoo, plentyoffish, etc.) who states she’s from Russia, particularly if her site profile provides contradictory information.

Very recentlyI signed on a free dating website (mingle2). Within a few days, before I even posted an image, I got a message from a woman whose profile said she lived in the midwestern US (I live on the US west coast). I wrote a brief reply but was highly suspicious. From the long email from her that followed, she said she was in Russia, gave me a long song and dance about needing to leave Russia, also attached images of a drop-dead magnificent woman. Frankly it was so obviously a scam that I found it laughable. However, I guess loneliness breeds vulnerability, so some guys sadly get taken.